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Sales Associate

Heather can often be found at "Kelly on the Gros Ventre", a seasonal cafe, which she and her Husband opened in May 2008.

Heather brings her diverse background in the guest services industry and property management, to our real estate community.

As a two time graduate of the Walt Disney College Program, Heather has proven her commitment to excellence in all areas of communication while always mindful of providing total customer satisfaction.

Those in Jackson may also know Heather as she has enjoyed experiences as a server/bartender at Blue Collar Dining, Nani's and Dornans Spur Bar, operations manager at Creekside Meats Market and Deli. As well, she has developed and managed residential and commercial property in Kelly Wyoming.

Heather excels in keeping it all together in a fast paced environment with her commitment to ongoing communication and her 5 star customer service.