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This magical property is truly one of a kind, celebrating nature from every corner. Upon entering this fenced haven, one immediately understands the joy of being minutes to downtown Jackson, restaurants, galleries, shopping, and to Cache Creek Trailhead, all the while feeling secluded from the world. Attracting Deer, Moose, Heron and other local wildlife, the grounds offer multitudes of trees and one of the few live spring-fed ponds within the Town limits.

The charming structure features an historic cabin gradually added onto creating a legal duplex, currently occupied by exceptional tenants. (Details upon request.)

Ample yard and recently replaced generous decking, welcome all to bask in the tranquility.

There is also a small studio on the property, a perfect bonus space for an artist’s inspiration or for an office.


This property is perfect for an investor seeking long term appreciation;  a Buyer personally enjoying a special getaway in the cabin unit while having an "eyes on the property" great tenant in the adjacent unit; or a Buyer who may enjoy the two-unit lease income while preparing the site for new construction.

Price: $$4,200,000
Location: 845 Cache Creek Drive
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
County: Teton
Acreage: 0.99
Fireplace: Wood stove

Views: Spring Fed Pond & trees
Outbuildings: Studio or Office space
Heating Source: Cove Heaters
Fuel Type: Gas & Electric
Water: Town
Sewer: Town
Remodeled: 2023
HOA Fees: None

Property Features:

  • Fenced